Multiple Projects, One Team.


Who are we


Crew Property Improvement Specialists was founded in 2001 by Eric Schneller for the purpose of helping homeowners complete multiple maintenance tasks in one appointment.  People told us that they were going crazy having to be home for multiple types of service providers, and they just wanted one company to do it all.  There were small handymen in a truck, but they could seldom be trusted to do all the different types of jobs well, and were not always available.  Larger companies had no interest in smaller jobs, they just wanted to do room additions, and the big money jobs.  


Eric created Crew to be a "mid sized general contractor", able to take care of all your potential needs at one time.  Crew was a 6 time in a row Angie's List Super Service Award winner and an FC Tucker Home Link Top Ten Company before closing down during the housing crisis in 2010.  We are now reopening and commit to serving you in just as good a way as we did before.  If you need speed and convenience and quality, please give Crew a call and let us show you how painless home maintenance and remodeling can be!



Handyman, Major remodel (kitchens, bathrooms, basements), and Home Inspection Sheet issues for realtors. Most jobs are bid ahead of time by the job, but if speed is an urgent issue for you and you just want a technician to come and bid the job and be ready to do the work right then and there, we can do that as well.



For any repairs around the house, be they big or small, Crew can help you in one stop.  We do these in a couple different ways, depending on how you'd like it.  We can either send a technician who will price it right then and be ready to do the work on the spot, OR we can have an estimator come and take a look at your project(s) and give you a quote for your approval.  Once you've approved the estimate, we would then schedule a technician to come and do the repairs at a time convenient for you.  We encourage you to have a list of items compiled for us, and we'll price them one by one for your approval.  


Inspection Sheets for Realtors

Realtors have told us repeatedly how difficult and annoying it can be to have to deal with multiple service providers to solve the issues that a home inspection has caused to their buyer or seller.  Meeting multiple providers on different days and times, being the middle man for scheduling issues, answering questions about the work, and more.  What Crew does is this:  Send us the inspection sheet via email and we can either give you a ballpark quote where we give you either a specific price or a tight price range, usually within a couple hours, OR we can go to the home and give a specific price quote on each item that the home inspector has cited.  Each line item will be priced, so you and your clients can pick and choose which items you'd like repaired.  We will then schedule those with you for a time that works for you and your clients.  You won't have to go to the home at all, we'll take care of everything!

Major Remodels

If you've got a kitchen, bathroom, or basement that needs freshening up, let our master craftsmen help you make your dream a reality.  We'll help you design all the great and fun things that make your renovation sparkle. From design to clean up, we'll make the experience a memorable one.